• Surely you've heard about the speech recognition technology, maybe you even use it on your smartphone or in your car. Many large developer businesses in USA and around the world are working hard to improve this technology. Our bots are built using state-of-the-art technology and are constantly trained to be even better. Another explanation is that when organizing the customer service process as a whole, you know in advance what questions your customers may ask. This greatly simplifies the problem and the chatbot learning process.

  • If you have an in-house call center, you probably know that up to 75% of customers call to ask a fairly narrow range of questions. Usually they relate to not more than 5-7 topics. In our experience, handling many of them can be entrusted to chatbots and the customer service quality will not suffer. There are a number of advantages, not to mention significant savings: ⎯ waiting time in the queue is significantly reduced, because chatbots can multitask; ⎯ customers perceive voice assistants much better than automated choice-based menus (press 1, press 2); ⎯ your operators will be more happy to work on non-standard issues, rather than answer routine requests; further, you can integrate your phone number and databases with "Hello!Operator?” in order to provide your customers with full information.

  • All kinds of topics. We chose, in our opinion, the most popular topics that are usually outsourced: ⎯ all kinds of surveys (loyalty, public opinion, etc.); ⎯ reminders requiring response (payment reminders, confirmation of appointments, order delivery); ⎯ geolocation services (where is the nearest stores or ATM); ⎯ automated receptionist. Your customers can reach the staff member they need without first contacting a receptionist. As soon as we are convinced that you are happy with our bots, we will train them how to handle any requests, regardless of the specifics — they will be able to calculate the cost of sending a package or having the insurance renewed, update on online order status, or confirm loan repayment amount and deadline. If you want our bots to start handling a new request type, simply tell us and we will develop a customized service script for your business.

  • First, all reports and conversation records are available via your account. You can monitor everything online. Second, our team of analysts and quality controllers keeps track of the service’s functioning 24/7. In terms of information, you will find the most important data and historical reports online. The extended subscription includes a number of business analytics tools.

  • We have done our best to make the process of creating scripts as simple and intuitive as possible. In addition, we have prepared multiple ready-made templates that you can use. If you have any questions when creating a script, our support team will be happy to help you. Besides, we can develop a customized service script for you.

  • There are several ways to add voice-over to your script: ⎯ leave it to our bots by simply uploading the script they will read. In this case, your customers will certainly understand what they are talking with a chatbot; ⎯ record your own voice when preparing the script; ⎯ order the voicework at a professional studio or from us. This will cost you some time and money.

  • When building the service, we implemented the online banking technology adopted by leading different banks. All data is fully protected, and you can choose not to share your data with us by integrating the service with your in-house databases;

  • Please forget it! After all, we have built this solution to enable businesses to streamline their customer service processes and avoid bureaucratic procedures taking weeks. Unfortunately, we cannot take part in your tender, but if you like our service, we will be happy to sign a contract with you, put our corporate seal on it, issue the first invoice and VAT invoice, and the required statements of delivery.

  • We do not mind playing a trick on someone, but laws impose some restrictions on making calls. For example, you are not allowed to make calls at night or calls containing threats or misguiding information. We have taken this into account when building the solution and are constantly monitoring our bots, but remember that in any event it’s our customer ordering the call who is responsible for any breach of law. See here for more information on the applicable regulations. If you still have played a trick on a friend of yours using our product, please let us know.

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