Hello! Operator?

Automated processing of incoming and outgoing communications.

The voice assistant will communicate with your customers using speech recognition technology and generating appropriate responses. They are not automatic answering machines, where you have to enter the digit corresponding to the desired menu item. «Hello! Operator?» — is a bot capable of understanding human speech and conducting a conversation.

Advantages offered by «Hello! Operator?»

Quick implementation, operational control

Bots are more productive than humans and understand what they are told

Costly speech recognition and business intelligence solutions used by large corporation are now available to small businesses

Significant savings on customer service without compromising on quality

Voice assistant understands anything that may be said and in rare, extreme situations of misunderstanding redirects the call to your call center.

Choose the preferred type of speech:

Synthesized or narrated
Male or female
Record the sound track yourself

Large corporations are already using costly and complex services of this type. «Hello! Operator?» offers any business the opportunity to implement the voice assistant technology.

Connecting the voice assistant " Hello! Operator? " is quick and easy
Setup and training takes no more than 10 minutes
A wide selection of pre-made templates requiring no additional configuration
User-friendly service script wizard

Convenient online call reporting system


The automated voice assistant system " Hello! Operator?" for private customers and businesses is much cheaper than an in-house or outsourced call center. What’s more, it comes with a 100% guarantee that a sleepy chatbot will never vent ill humor on one of your customers. And most importantly, the chatbot will answer the customer’s questions exactly to the extent necessary to resolve the customer’s problem.

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